Challenge Beliefs

Limiting beliefs limit progress so working on these is key for growth.

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Improve Thoughts

The quality of thoughts you experience are the main influence on the quality of your life. Our Life Coaching and Mindset courses help create a mind that is a nice place to be.

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Make Changes

Find your blindspots which are currently out of your awareness, and work on creating change to help you move forward.

Manage Emotions

Understand your processing filters which influence your emotions, and learn how to re-program your emotional home.

Meet our Life Coaching Expert


Nikki Evans

Mindset & Life Coach

Nikki is a professional Mindset & Life coach helping creatives explore, unlock and develop aspects of their mental wellbeing to create a positive change.
Her own journey in health and personal growth coupled with the vast education within the Health & Wellbeing realm is what really sets Nikki apart from other coaches in the field.
Nikki has a personable, friendly & understanding approach with a zero judgement attitude and a genuine desire to help others level up in all areas of life.
Nikki believes that the knowledge she has around Positive Wellbeing is not optional, and should certainly be taught in schools. She believes that this information is essential for humans to be equipped to deal with life’s inevitable challenges, and the lack of this education is single handedly the reason why we lose 800,000 people each year to suicide. 

People simply do not have the tools to deal with their circumstances.

If you are ready to transform the quality of your thoughts and enhance your life skillset, you are in the right place.

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“On a mission to normalise normal conversations about our Mental Wellbeing.”

Be part of the conversation, join Nikki and special guests as she works to close the gap between unspoken thoughts and powerful conversations about how people ​actually feel. The voice in your head isn’t as weird as you think!


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