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Managing Your Mental Health Online

Friday July 2, 2021

Creating a safe space online is KEY! Whilst there are many negatives that come with having our smart phones attached to our hands, there’s also an equal amount of good that comes with it too. We encourage smart phone users to fill their phones with all the positive and useful stuff, whether that means ensuring […]

I Feel Lost and I Don’t Know What To Do

Friday July 2, 2021

Firstly, I’m sending you the biggest e-squeeze possible. I totally know the feeling and it can feel so daunting and overwhelming. I want to share with you some things that helped me in hopes that I can help you. Talk to someone Find someone to talk to. They might not be able to provide solutions […]

I Want To Improve My Mindset, Where Should I Start?

Friday July 2, 2021

Well, I am so glad you asked!! Working on your mindset & mental health will be one of the best investments you ever make. It was by far the biggest and best investment for me. I presume if you are here, you’re ready to get going too. Here are my top tips to assist you […]

The Voice In Your Head Is Not A Reflection Of You

Friday July 2, 2021

Have you ever realised you have a constant dialogue going on in your brain narrating and conversing over and over? We all have it. The voice you can hear in your head is not a reflection of you or your personal beliefs, but just ‘inner thoughts’ created by multiple fleeting electrical episodes in the mind. […]

Get to know Nikki

Founders Spotlight

Monday August 9, 2021

Throughout my teens, I had a lot of unresolved issues that led to me being lonely and judgemental towards myself. When I was 21, I was introduced to the world of Personal Development and became obsessed with reading books, going to seminars, working with coaches and learning as much as I could about mental and emotional […]