I Want To Improve My Mindset, Where Should I Start?

Friday July 2, 2021

I Want To Improve My Mindset, Where Should I Start?

Well, I am so glad you asked!!

Working on your mindset & mental health will be one of the best investments you ever make. It was by far the biggest and best investment for me.

I presume if you are here, you’re ready to get going too. Here are my top tips to assist you in improving your mindset:

1. . Read

I was the person who left university with books still wrapped in cellophane, so when I got handed ‘The Secret’ at the age of 21 I almost laughed, and then I read it and everything changed… Books are one of the most important tools to support a healthy mind and soul. Here are some of my favourites:

You Are a Baddass – Jen Sincero
The Universe Has Your Back – Gabby Bernstein
On Fire – John O’Leary
Slight Edge – Jeff Olsen
The Untethered Soul – Michael A Singer
The Chimp Paradox – Prof Stephen Peters

If you would like to read our reviews on the above, visit our highlights reel on Insta!

2. Music

I have a playlist with my top 16 favourite songs of all time. It has everything from Beyonce, to Nickelback to Luther Vandross and I absolutely love it. There has never been a time when this playlist has failed to cheer me up. A perfect little happy resource to use whenever I need it. I’d highly suggest you do this to!

3. Be careful where you spend your energy

This is SO important. You can spend as much time as you want working on your mindset but if you are spending your time and energy around draining and low vibe people, it will all be a waste of time. For the people at the back… Your energy is GOLD and you need to treat it that way.

4. Have an open mind

Being open automatically puts you at an advantageous position for mindset improvement. Being open minded will help you see things from different perspectives, have a deeper understanding of the world and the people around you but most importantly, it will allow you to see things much clearer.

5. Podcasts

Listening to others and their experiences and views is such a good way to learn and improve. I love listening to podcasts especially in the personal development field. I’d highly recommend the below:

Simon Hall – The Nourish Life Show
Megan Rose Lane – Word
The Receipt Podcast

There are so many ways to help you improve and expand your mindset but these are some good places to start. If you’d like to book a chat to see how I can help you, click on the below link.Book A Call