The Voice In Your Head Is Not A Reflection Of You

The Voice In Your Head Is Not A Reflection Of You – Mind Health School

Have you ever realised you have a constant dialogue going on in your brain narrating and conversing over and over? We all have it. The voice you can hear in your head is not a reflection of you or your personal beliefs, but just ‘inner thoughts’ created by multiple fleeting electrical episodes in the mind. You are simply the receiver of those thoughts and nothing more.

Whilst you cannot always control your thoughts, you can control how you react to them which will in turn, intercept your current programmed thought patterns and over time will provoke change. Learning which thoughts to attach emotion to is one of the most powerful techniques to master in order to live a calm and grounded life.

If you have negative thoughts 50% of the time and attach emotions to most thoughts, the chances are that your negative thoughts will increase. For example, if you look in the mirror and you receive a thought which is self sabotaging, unhelpful or hindering to your growth, attaching emotion to these thoughts means that you believe them, and will ultimately change how you act and think for the rest of the day and potentially longer. Intercepting these thoughts is possible, with work.

Similarly, the amount this technique is used will have a direct impact on the quality of your thoughts. If you have negative thoughts 50% of the time, but choose to not attach emotion to them, over time your quality of thoughts will improve and the % will reduce.

Learning this technique can help you ignore those thoughts (because, these thoughts are absolutely not true, real or valid until you acknowledge them to be) and continue on with your day as normal. The next time these thoughts pop up, it will be easier for you to acknowledge, observe and ignore them and over time, the frequency of these thoughts will reduce.

The dialogue in your head is not you and remembering this will be one of your most greatest victories in your personal development journey. If you’d like to get started but need some guidance, reach out to me here; [email protected].

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