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Managing Your Mental Health Online

Creating a safe space online is KEY!

Whilst there are many negatives that come with having our smart phones attached to our hands, there’s also an equal amount of good that comes with it too. We encourage smart phone users to fill their phones with all the positive and useful stuff, whether that means ensuring your social feeds are filled with inspiring and helpful posts or spending less time scrolling and more time being productive (like reading online), here are our recommendations to help you get the best experience from your phone whilst on your mental health journey.

1 . L I S T E N T O A U D I O B O O K S O N T H E G O

Audible allows you to listen to books on the go. Perfect for those with a commute or long drives and get bored of the radio! There are millions of books to choose from, including many personal development, health, mindset or books to help you grow your business. You can pay a small monthly subscription and receive 1 book a month (very good value for money!) or you can listen to one of their 1000’s of free audios! A great way to learn and grow during your busy day.

2 . G U I D E D M E D I T A T I O N S F O R A N Y M O O D – M A D E S U P E R E A S Y

If you struggle to sleep and you haven’t tried meditation yet, give Insight Timer app a go. It has a ‘sleep’ section, with beginners guided meditations to help you get off to a deep sleep. The app also allows you to select your mood, for example ‘anxious’ or ‘sad’, and the results reveal multiple recordings to ease your mood. Meditation is no longer only associated yoga loving hippies and is now widely recommended, so no matter where you are on your meditation journey, give this app a try.

3 . S I M P L E J O U R N A L I N G A P P S … R E F L E C T L Y & T A P P I L Y

Love journaling but sometimes forget? It might be easier if you had a journaling app downloaded to your home screen to remind you. Journaling can be hugely effective and by using an app, it can take less than a few minutes. Simply just by making notes on how you feel emotionally, physically and mentally, you will be actively practicing mindfulness, checking in with yourself and listening to your body… Something which can very easily be forgotten when engrossed in social apps or living on ‘autopilot’. Try these apps and see which you like best. Top tip- turn on notifications to receive inspo to your lock screen!

4 . C R E A T I N G A S A F E S P A C E O N Y O U R S O C I A L S

No matter which social media platforms you use, it’s up to you to make this your safe zone. Unfollow any Instagram account which triggers any negative behavior for you and replace them with positive ones. If you follow any accounts which encourage you to be restrictive with your eating habits, have a negative tone, make you feel shamed, judged or encourage you to compare yourself, you should consider unfollowing these accounts. Real life can be difficult, we don’t need to make our online experience difficult too.

5 . T O P I N S T A A C C O U N T S T O F O L L OW

Following on from point 4, social media is filled with millions of amazing people! Find the ones that sing your song, the people who have achieved what you aspire to achieve and accounts which make you feel uplifted and inspired. Some favorites of ours are:

@meganroselane – for body confidence with a hint of humour, Megan does this well. Give her a follow, especially if you have babies! She will keep your energy high.
@simonhallbc – the type of person to never let you doubt yourself. He has an amazing podcast too!
@antidietriotclub- ‘you can never really feel at home in a body that you view as temporary’ – taken from one of their recent posts… no need to elaborate
@melrobbins – if you ever get the chance to hear this woman speak, jump at it! But in the meantime, you can watch her IG stories. Warning- she will make you want to improve your life
@lucymountain- she calls out fitness bullshit on a daily, a must to improve your mentality around fitness!

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I Feel Lost and I Don’t Know What To Do

I Feel Lost and I Don’t Know What To Do

Firstly, I’m sending you the biggest e-squeeze possible. I totally know the feeling and it can feel so daunting and overwhelming. I want to share with you some things that helped me in hopes that I can help you.

  1. Talk to someone

Find someone to talk to. They might not be able to provide solutions but even just an earn to listen will help you immensely. The brain struggles to process information when it’s just kept as a thought. Did you know that? So the longer you keep the thoughts to yourself, the longer you will feel this way! If you don’t know who to speak to, drop me a DM here, I’m always happy to chat!

2. Write down what makes you happy

When we feel lost, it’s so easy to lose purpose. Write down a list of everything that makes you happy and factor in at least two of those things a day. It can be as small or as big as you want, but making time for happiness is so important.

3. Consume positive information

The internet can be a freaky place, especially when you aren’t mentally and emotionally feeling great. It’s so important to make sure you are reading and listening to the good stuff that’s going to help you grow. Take a read here to see our suggested podcast & books.

4. Remember you are loved

You are the reason someone smiles and no matter how you are feeling, you are loved. Always. No matter what.

5. The Wheel of Life Activity

If you haven’t done this before, check it out here. It’s the perfect exercise to highlight which areas of your life need nourishment.

6. Journal

Journalling helps you process your thoughts in two ways, by physically writing it down on paper and then by your visual sense reading it back. This allows your brain to process your thoughts in two additional ways which is super powerful to help you understand things differently. Bonus points if you read your journal out loud (to yourself if you must). Getting it all out on paper is such great therapy!

7. Be grateful

Writing down what you are grateful for no matter how small will force your brain to look for the good in your life. I am grateful for the roof over my head, my cosy bed, hot running water, my opportunities, my amazing body which keeps me alive, my hairdresser, seeing my parents names on my call list. Etc!!! The list really is endless, make this part of your daily routine.

8. Get a coach

Getting a coach was one of the best investments I have ever made. A coach is someone who will believe in you before you have even had chance to speak. They will magnify your strengths, ignore your BS and guide you to success within any and all aspects of life. If you want to find out more about my coaching, click here to arrange a call.

9. Acknowledge how far you’ve come

Looking back and celebrating the wins is so important. It’s so easy to feel stuck with where we are but simply reflecting on the past and everything you have achieved will instantly give you perspective. You’re amazing, stop forgetting about that!

10. Repeat after me…

I am on a journey of abundance, happiness, calmness and success. I attract everything I desire and I know I will achieve all my dreams.

(repeat again and again until you believe it!)

I really hope this helps, please get in touch here if I can help you with anything.


I Want To Improve My Mindset, Where Should I Start?

I Want To Improve My Mindset, Where Should I Start?

Well, I am so glad you asked!!

Working on your mindset & mental health will be one of the best investments you ever make. It was by far the biggest and best investment for me.

I presume if you are here, you’re ready to get going too. Here are my top tips to assist you in improving your mindset:

1. . Read

I was the person who left university with books still wrapped in cellophane, so when I got handed ‘The Secret’ at the age of 21 I almost laughed, and then I read it and everything changed… Books are one of the most important tools to support a healthy mind and soul. Here are some of my favourites:

You Are a Baddass – Jen Sincero
The Universe Has Your Back – Gabby Bernstein
On Fire – John O’Leary
Slight Edge – Jeff Olsen
The Untethered Soul – Michael A Singer
The Chimp Paradox – Prof Stephen Peters

If you would like to read our reviews on the above, visit our highlights reel on Insta!

2. Music

I have a playlist with my top 16 favourite songs of all time. It has everything from Beyonce, to Nickelback to Luther Vandross and I absolutely love it. There has never been a time when this playlist has failed to cheer me up. A perfect little happy resource to use whenever I need it. I’d highly suggest you do this to!

3. Be careful where you spend your energy

This is SO important. You can spend as much time as you want working on your mindset but if you are spending your time and energy around draining and low vibe people, it will all be a waste of time. For the people at the back… Your energy is GOLD and you need to treat it that way.

4. Have an open mind

Being open automatically puts you at an advantageous position for mindset improvement. Being open minded will help you see things from different perspectives, have a deeper understanding of the world and the people around you but most importantly, it will allow you to see things much clearer.

5. Podcasts

Listening to others and their experiences and views is such a good way to learn and improve. I love listening to podcasts especially in the personal development field. I’d highly recommend the below:

Simon Hall – The Nourish Life Show
Megan Rose Lane – Word
The Receipt Podcast

There are so many ways to help you improve and expand your mindset but these are some good places to start. If you’d like to book a chat to see how I can help you, click on the below link.Book A Call


The Voice In Your Head Is Not A Reflection Of You

The Voice In Your Head Is Not A Reflection Of You – Mind Health School

Have you ever realised you have a constant dialogue going on in your brain narrating and conversing over and over? We all have it. The voice you can hear in your head is not a reflection of you or your personal beliefs, but just ‘inner thoughts’ created by multiple fleeting electrical episodes in the mind. You are simply the receiver of those thoughts and nothing more.

Whilst you cannot always control your thoughts, you can control how you react to them which will in turn, intercept your current programmed thought patterns and over time will provoke change. Learning which thoughts to attach emotion to is one of the most powerful techniques to master in order to live a calm and grounded life.

If you have negative thoughts 50% of the time and attach emotions to most thoughts, the chances are that your negative thoughts will increase. For example, if you look in the mirror and you receive a thought which is self sabotaging, unhelpful or hindering to your growth, attaching emotion to these thoughts means that you believe them, and will ultimately change how you act and think for the rest of the day and potentially longer. Intercepting these thoughts is possible, with work.

Similarly, the amount this technique is used will have a direct impact on the quality of your thoughts. If you have negative thoughts 50% of the time, but choose to not attach emotion to them, over time your quality of thoughts will improve and the % will reduce.

Learning this technique can help you ignore those thoughts (because, these thoughts are absolutely not true, real or valid until you acknowledge them to be) and continue on with your day as normal. The next time these thoughts pop up, it will be easier for you to acknowledge, observe and ignore them and over time, the frequency of these thoughts will reduce.

The dialogue in your head is not you and remembering this will be one of your most greatest victories in your personal development journey. If you’d like to get started but need some guidance, reach out to me here; [email protected].