1 to 1 Coaching

If your emotions are totally running the show, you lack coping mechanisms to manage any of them and you have literally tried everything else, this is for you.

The Foundations Of The Future You is an initial 8 week immersive one-on-one coaching program. Designed to help you remove all of the BS you’ve learned about yourself and the world, let go of what you no longer need, and rebuild the foundations of the person you are really meant to be.


The program is simple: Without the labels, who is the real you and how TF do you show up as that person? Working closely with your Subconscious Mind & Nervous System, we will start with:

  • 8 weeks, 
  • 8 coaching calls, 
  • a platform with 36+ videos of theory & tools, 
  • complete Voxer support & commitment to your growth from me (Nikki) in between each session.

What we cover during our 8 weeks together:

  • Introduction & assessments: a full in depth understanding of exactly what challenges you are currently facing.
  • Understand your defining moments: explore, acknowledge and understand the defining moments from your life and how they have impacted you today.
  • Explore your timeline (Timeline Therapy): releasing all the stored energy and emotions your body & mind are still holding on to.
  • Dive deep into your Personal Core Values – this is your blueprint for every single decision, action, behaviour going forward. 
  •  Tools from various different therapies and theories to help you navigate through those doubtful, hurtful and unhelpful thoughts which come with anxiety, sadness, anger, frustration and guilt.

The Foundations Of The Future You

We do not need to make this complicated, we simply take action to understand who you really are and integrate the lessons.

Does this sound familiar?

  • People pleasing
  • Social anxiety
  • Feeling lost
  • Zero self worth
  • Self doubt
  • Feeling stuck
  • Snappy & frustrated
  • Abandonment and attachment issues

And you want…

  • Complete understanding of your emotions…
  • … and how to communicate them!
  • A totally transformed relationship with anxiety
  • Live the life of the real you
  • Confidence to be yourself
  • Regulated Nervous System
  • Know your worth
  • Finally feeling good enough

Don’t just take my word for it…
Is it time to put yourself first for once? Apply now. Spaces are limited.

From Nikki...

I need you to know that I created this program because it is exactly what I needed when I was in your shoes, and it did not exist. I had no idea how to control my mind or how to manage my emotions and it took me years and thousands of $’s to get me to the level of control  and self mastery I now proudly have.

It was the un-learning of who I thought I had to be & re-learning who I really am and all the possibilities that really changed the game for me. I thank the Universe every day that I had the drive and desire to do that in my early twenties because now I get to help change the game for you too

You’ve read the outcomes, you’ve read the testimonials, you’ve resonated with my story and you’ve fantasised about this transformation being possible for you…

You now finally have a solution… so what’s next?

Close the browser and create a story around why this wouldn’t be possible for you… or take action to build the Foundations Of The Future You by applying to work with me.

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Absolutely! Nikki can deliver individual training sessions specific to your team's needs or work with you long term as your 'In House Mindset & Life Coach'.
We have worked with a whole range of businesses from hospitality, to a remote marketing team, to fitness coaches who want to provide more for their clients. The reality is, every human can benefit from mindset support.

The reasons why your affirmations aren’t working…

I’ll keep this part short and sweet.

Simply, they are not working because you are trying to convince yourself of things that you deep down do not believe. You cannot believe you are worthy, calm, confident or enough if you have 20 years worth of evidence to support why you are the very opposite.

Affirmations serve a purpose in your journey just like podcasts, books and youtube but they do not address the route cause engrained deep within your Subconscious Mind & Nervous System. These two areas hold the answers which will drive sustainable & permanent transformation.

So now you’re all out of excuses….



Success Stories of Our Clients

So, you reached the bottom of the page… now what?

You can close down the browser and convince yourself this change isn’t possible for you, or you can apply below and explore the possibilities. What will it be?