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Work with Nikki Evans, your expert Mind Health and Life Coach as she guides you through a thorough and complete journey of self discovery. Nikki’s coaching integrates Inner Child Work, Shadow Work, Timeline Therapy™, Neuro Linguistic Programming Tools, Masculine & Feminine Energy Balance and Conscious / Subconscious Mind exploration. You can expect to emerge from this deep inner exploration as your true, authentic, confident self.

Importance of Mindset Coaching  

Could you explain who you are, without saying your job role, where you were born, your age, your spouses or children, and your hobbies? Many people struggle to answer the above, without saying ‘My name is Rebecca, I’m 29 from England, I work in Marketing and I’m a wife, sister, daughter and friend’.

Who would Rebecca be without all of those labels? If she lost her job tomorrow, her partner left her, and she lost a few friends too, who would she be then? When we go through ‘life’, we very often become our labels. But when you become your labels, you can be very sure that when they are taken away, you lose yourself in the process too. And when you lose sight of who you are, your confidence, clarity and purpose will most likely follow.

Knowing your true identity and rebuilding the connection with yourself, without your labels, is essential to creating a fulfilled & happy life.

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What will you achieve

This program is designed to help discover your true identity, understand your thoughts, master your emotions and help you become the most confident, authentic version of you.
Low Confidence
Inner Calm

Does this sound familiar?

  • Memories from my past are stuck in my mind and make me feel heavy
  • I hold resentment to my parents or family members
  • I get frustrated or angry towards others over minor things
  • I don’t know why I am like this
  • I doubt myself and my abilities alot
  • I struggle to speak my mind
  • I feel lost with no direction
  • I don’t know who I am
  • I feel like people take advantage of me
  • Fear stops me from pursuing goals and life I want

After working with Nikki

  • I have worked through my past experiences and healed. I feel lighter & free.
  • I have let go of any unhelpful negative emotion from the past which didn’t serve me
  • I have learnt how to process and express emotions and avoid them building up and upsetting others
  • I understand how the brain works and the reality and experiences that have shaped me
  • I know how to reframe negative thoughts to empower myself
  • I can communicate my needs, emotions and thoughts effectively when I feel necessary
  • I feel connected to myself and others around me
  • I have a full understanding of who I am and what makes me feel happy and fulfilled.

Ways To Work With Nikki

Breakthrough Session

AUD $290


Breakthrough Sessions are designed to create an immediate impact on your life

Foundations of The Future You Program

From AUD $997


Ready to fully commit to your best, possible self? Minimum 6 weeks. Book your free consultation here.

Meet Your Coach: Nikki Evans

Nikki is an expert in helping her clients explore, unlock and develop aspects of themselves to create inner calm, centered, and regulated minds, which we just simply will not learn in standard education. Nikkis coaching style is reflective of her own journey and experiences and helps her coach from a place of understanding & knowledge. Be prepared for an open, non-judgemental, supportive, and inspiring spaces.


Foundations For The Future You is an initial 6 week program. Towards the end of the 6 weeks, you will have the option to upgrade to 12 weeks, depending on where you are in your journey.
You can book a complimentary consultation with Nikki to discuss your current challenges, in which Nikki will decide if the program is a good fit for you too. This will not be a sales call as Nikki wants to ensure every client gets the help they truly need and accepts that not all clients are a perfect match.

Programs & Sessions Breakdown

A breakthrough session is a way to achieve significant change in a specific area of life. These sessions are designed to create an immediate impact and teach you skills and techniques that can be put to use straight away as you work through your current challenges.

To get the most out of the session I will conduct a pre-assessment to gain a deeper understanding of your current issues.

Breakthrough sessions are particularly suitable for:

  • Emotional issues
  • Improving self-confidence
  • Removing limiting beliefs
  • Gaining clarity & direction to move forward
  • Developing a sense of inner balance, self-confidence, self-acceptance, motivation and direction
  • Gaining support from Nikki through challenging times
This program starts at an initial 6 weeks and covers 4 key areas:
Inner Child Work – Explore your past experiences and understand how they have shaped your life. We want to heal any old wounds, learn from them, and let them go.

Shadow Work- Understand which parts of your thoughts, emotions, behaviours & beliefs are keeping you stuck (‘your shadow’) and consciously work through these subconscious repeating patterns.
Self Discovery- An in depth look into your core essence, your masculine and feminine energies, your personal values and your human needs. We will rebuild your relationship with your internal world, and reconnect back with the real, authentic you.

Self Management- Tools to help you effectively manage your emotions, thoughts and behaviour. These tools help you level up into your most empowered self.

  • An initial 6 week program, and a maximum of 12 weeks
  • Weekly one hour 1:1 sessions
  • Access to Nikki through Voxer and phone call for support between sessions
  • Accountability between sessions
  • A safe and confidential environment where you can truly be yourself
  • Full access to Accelerate Your Mindset with 30+videos and a 72 Page Workbook to help you accelerate your journey in between your sessions

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Nikki help's others explore, unlock and develop aspects of their mental wellbeing to create a positive change.

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