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As leaders, we know that our teams are not made up of non-feeling, emotionless robots, but things can get quite overwhelming for everyone when we throw in KPI’s, bottom lines & deadlines. Give your team the best possible opportunity to self-manage their internal world and thrive within the workplace by booking me to speak or train your team.


The Difference

On a fundamental level, all humans are the same. We need to build skills to understand how we feel and how to manage that feeling. If we can educate individuals to do this by themselves – we completely eradicate the need for reactive services – and the value of that is tenfold for every individual, their performance within a team and the impact that has on their workplace.

Adding immense value in a short amount of time with a fun and engaging edge – this is exactly what you can expect from me.


How It Works for Team Trainings

Step 1
We send an anonymous assessment to each team member to establish what they really need
Step 2
We use the data submitted from your team to identify 3 key wellbeing gaps & trends
Step 3
We create your training, including tools and techniques to bridge the gap
Step 4
Training is delivered online
Step 5
We conduct a re-assessment to establish progress & further development areas

How It Works for Events

Step 1
Complete the application form with details about your event
Step 2
Secure your event date & time with Nikki
Step 3
Choose your event topic from Nikki’s extensive list
Step 4
Be prepared for your attendees to thank you endlessly for their experience

The Mind Health School Effect

Nikki can help your team explore, unlock and develop any aspect of their mindset, on both a personal & professional level.


  • Boosted Self esteem
  • Mind Management
  • Understanding and reducing negative emotions
  • Increased awareness
  • Remove limiting beliefs
  • Better habits & behaviours
  • Increased quality of thoughts
  • Deeper self understanding


  • Improved Communication
  • Stress & Overwhelm management
  • Confidence boost
  • Increase productivity
  • Conflict resolution
  • Improved attitude
  • Deeper integrated team
  • Clear Mind


Our Past Attendees Say….

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Meet Your Coach: Nikki Evans

Nikki is a master at simplifying complex theories and delivering them with practical solutions, clear steps and strategies that will expand the mindset of any individual, create permanent behaviour changes, enhance emotional intelligence, and help your team members take a proactive approach to their mental & emotional health.


Absolutely! Nikki can deliver individual training sessions specific to your team's needs or work with you long term as your 'In House Mindset & Life Coach'.
We have worked with a whole range of businesses from hospitality, to a remote marketing team, to fitness coaches who want to provide more for their clients. The reality is, every human can benefit from mindset support.

Success Stories of Our Clients

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Give your team the best possible opportunity to self-manage their internal world and thrive within the workplace.