Wellbeing for Teams

Are you a manager or coach of a team of employees or clients? Have you identified a wellbeing gap within your team, but currently lack the resources internally to provide the education? Whether you are a CEO of a SME, A Fitness Coach with a group of clients or a HR manager looking to strengthen your strategy, Mind Health School is the perfect solution.

How It Works

Step 1
Anonymous Assessment to establish what your team really needs
Step 2
Our team use the data submitted from your team to identify 3 key wellbeing gaps & trends
Step 3
We create your training, including tools and techniques to bridge the gap
Step 4
Training is development online
Step 5
Re-assessment to establish progress & further development areas

Importance of Wellbeing In Teams

The last 12 months have seen disruption and uncertainty in almost every aspect of life. We have been forced to adapt and modify our lifestyles in a manner that nobody could have quite predicted.

Over 53 percent of adults have reported a decline in mental wellbeing, whilst only 24 percent of leaders within an organization have any training to support their employees in this field. To get the best from a team it is important to consider each member on an individual level, and this is exactly what our program is designed to do.

Your team need you now, more than ever before.

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What will you achieve

Mind Health School can truly help your team explore, unlock and develop any aspect of their mindset.


  • Boosted Self esteem
  • Mind Management
  • Understanding and reducing negative emotions
  • Increased awareness
  • Remove limiting beliefs
  • Better habits & behaviours
  • Increased quality of thoughts
  • Deeper self understanding


  • Improved Communication
  • Stress & Overwhelm management
  • Confidence boost
  • Increase productivity
  • Conflict resolution
  • Improved attitude
  • Deeper integrated team
  • Clear Mind

Meet Your Coach: Nikki Evans

As the founder of Mind Health School , I have a passion for empowering others with tools to deal with life’s challenges and I believe this to be essential to a healthy state of mental wellbeing both at work and in life.


Absolutely! Nikki can deliver a one off training session specific to your team's needs.
Description We have worked with a whole range of businesses from hospitality, to a remote marketing team, to fitness coaches who want to provide more for their clients. The reality is, every human can benefit from mindset support.

Success Stories of Our Clients

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Nikki help's others explore, unlock and develop aspects of their mental wellbeing to create a positive change.

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