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Amy W, Nurse

My biggest achievements are my newfound confidence and my ability to think clearly. I felt like I was talking to a friend and didn’t feel under pressure to open up to her, it was much more natural. I felt like I could say anything to her without judgment or embarrassment. My progress started within week 1, it’s amazing how fast she gets to work!


Steph, Recruitment Consultant

The coaching program has changed my life. My change in mindset has helped me to achieve my goals in relationships and at work. My confidence levels have increased and I am able to rationalise and manage my emotions. Before the program I would get worked up and anxious and overthink, but I now can recognise my triggers before it escalates. I now know my own self-worth and I am in touch with my higher self. I am so grateful I have the tools now to manage my life so much better.


1 to 1 Coaching

You have a deep desire to feel safe and secure within your mind and body, without needing to depend on other people to make you feel happy or significant.

Right now, you don’t know how to move on from your anxious thoughts, there is a build up of frustration and anger bubbling inside and you feel lost within yourself because you have no idea what the next steps are and it’s becoming impossible to ignore now it’s affecting your relationships, health & ability to progress in your career.

I know it might not seem true to you right now, but your internal world can be adapted to feel any kinda way you want or desire. Scientifically, this is possible, but if you need some more evidence, you can use me.

🚨I know exactly how it feels to have anxiety for no reason, which you can’t explain or articulate.
🚨I know how it feels to be snappy and short with your loved ones and then instantly feel guilty afterwards for the things you said but didn’t mean.
🚨I know how it feels to craaaave connection but can’t bring yourself to open up.

I.Get.It. Because I’ve been there.

The way you feel right now is important, but it’s not the full story or even a real representation of what is possible for you in the next chapter. 

There is an old version of you that wants to heal so the real, authentic, happy version of you can take front and centre stage, exactly where you should be.

Emotional Mastery is my 12 week tried & tested framework that will create rapid transformation in your internal world so you can finally feel happy and worthy from within.

Now I don’t know about you… but this is EXCITING AF!