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Sabrine – Luxe Weddings

Nikki came in to do a session with us as part of a Wellness initiative within our team and it is the most attended event and rightly so!

Everyone was buzzing with the information Nikki gave us and the way she broke it down into simple and easy to resonate information. The efforts put into the presentation was amazing and really engaging definitely kept us over throughout the presentation.

This session definitely gave us food for thought and I’ve heard from several colleagues that they’ve been putting her theories into practice and seeing the benefits ready!

Thank you Nikki, truly inspiring!



Liam – BCHQ

Partnering with Nikki for the last 12 months has really helped my clients understand the importance of being mental health aware

For me the majority Fitness Industry currently has a serious downfall when it comes to caring for clients mental health The webinars and trainings Nikki put together for us at BCHQ really help my clients think below surface level about their goals, understand their core values in life and really get the best out of themselves by understanding we are all our own unfinished project so learn to live the journey