The Academy

Develop the mind management skill set so you can feel the mental peace, emotional control and contentment you’ve been searching for.

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Train Your Brain with Mind Health School Academy

Build a bulletproof mindset by training your brain so you can feel the confidence, emotional control and happiness you've been searching for. 

Stop trying to do this by yourself.

I’m giving you access to my full library of life changing trainings and courses, (which were initially charged anywhere from $99-$999 each)

Just $88/month – cancel anytime

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Here is what you've been told to get your mind in check...

       ❌ Get therapy that you can’t afford / don’t want
❌ Just ‘breathe’, you’ll be grand
          ❌ Read personal development books
& podcasts until your brain pops
     ❌Punch a punching bag when you’re angry
❌ Go for walks & runs 
❌’Talk about it’ with your loved ones

You’ve tried all the things but you’re still feeling lost and anxiety creeps back in.

You’re wondering why these things work for others and not for you


The reason it's not been working for you is because you are treating the SYMPTOM and not the root cause.

 In Mind Health School Academy, I will teach you how to get to the root of your issues with frameworks and theories that WORK.

When you get to the root, here is what happens:

✅ You are no longer confused about
what to focus on

✅ You have clear frameworks and step by
steps to work from

✅ You start to feel in control of your life again

✅ You experience peaceful & calm thoughts

✅ Anxiety symptoms reduce & are no
longer an issue

✅ Your confidence sky rockets

✅ You feel more connected to your friends and fam
because your walls are down

✅ You experience more positive emotions
like happiness & contentment

✅ You know how to handle challenging
situations without spiralling out of control

✅ You have clarity on your future

✅ You feel safe to be completely yourself

✅ Your mindset shifts and you see things differently.

I’ll be honest with you:

I used to be anxious & angry AF, living in fight or flight mode and felt so lost.

I had no idea how to manage my emotions or regulate my nervous system.

Sad face


When I got to around 20 years old I knew I needed to do something & I was willing to try anything,

So I tried:

Hiring a coach which I couldn’t afford

Spending tens of thousands of dollars on
personal development events all over the world

Spending all of my spare time reading books &
listening to podcasts

And don’t get me wrong, all of that was great but the time, energy and financial investment was huge.

I WISH there was something like Mind Health School Academy 10 Years Ago When I Really Needed It, 

but stuff like this did not exist back then, so I learnt the hard way & now I can make it 10X easier for YOU!

The MHS Academy is an ever growing collection of tools and trainings that I personally used to:

Train my brain so I could create a mind that feels safe

Master my emotions so I could feel less anxious and more happiness 

Learn skills and tools that will help me truly feel in control of my life

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The best thing?

I have put together my BEST and most EFFECTIVE methods to help you transform the quality of your thoughts and master your emotions without having to go to all the events, spend thousands of dollars or take 10 years to get there.

Nikki Evans

AND you can get instant access TODAY!

So how does it exactly work?

When you join...

You get access to 12 months worth of trainings + teachings PLUS I will be doing monthly content drops on everything from the nervous system, confidence, depression, anxiety, shame, relationships + everything in between.

When you join the Academy

you'll get instant access to:

images and screens of courses

Just $88/month – cancel anytime

Academy screenshots + breakdowns

Just $88/month – cancel anytime

Incase you're not convinced yet... here are some bonuses

Stop struggling alone. Become part of a powerful community, take advantage of all my knowledge, book additional 1-1 sessions with me at a discounted rate and grow with me as I grow.

1-1 Sessions

As a member, you will get exclusive discounts to book 1-1 sessions with me 💜🧠

Facebook Group

Receive 24/7 support in the facebook group if you need anything 🤗

Does this actually work?

I am so sure of the tools and trainings in the Academy because they are the exact tools I used to train my own brain and build a life I am actually excited to wake up to.

Just $88/month – cancel anytime

I have a question for you…

What if I can help you feel even 10% more self belief, more self understanding, more self trust and more confidence in just 4 weeks? Would that be worth it?

I also love that you can fund a whole year of my Academy for less than $3 a day.

That is less than the price of your coffee to change your life… This is the deal of the century SURELY? 🤣.

Need some more feedback? Okay let’s go…


Just $88/month – cancel anytime

Who is this for?

👉The Academy is for two specific people….


You want to feel in full control of your mind and emotions so you can confidently handle anything life throws your way. You’ve tried therapy and other things but now you want tools & techniques for permanent behaviour change.


You are done with feeling lost but you don’t know where to start. You don’t want to do 1 on 1 sessions, instead you’re a self paced learner and want to learn the information and work at your own place.

If you can check one of these boxes, you’re in the right place!

Just $88/month – cancel anytime

Join the Academy!

You don’t need to spend 10 years, tens of thousands of dollars, or hire a coach to train your brain and feel in full control of your mind and emotions.

With Mind Health School Academy you will find all the tools and trainings you need to train your brain, transform your mind and gain full control of your emotions.

Just $88/month – cancel anytime

If you’re asking yourself…

“I already bought so many things that didn’t help me and why do I need the MHS Academy?”

Then let me tell you this:

Just $88/month – cancel anytime

I swear by everything I share with you in the Academy because these are the exact tools I personally used, AND have helped hundreds of my clients do the same. I want you to know that this does not have to cost thousands of dollars and take years of your time.

Go from being frustrated and angry and not knowing why  


 To understanding your emotions and knowing how to regulate them & express them in a healthy way.


Stop trying meditate or exercise your feelings away temporarily, only for them to come back and leave you feeling anxious, angry and lost  


Get to the bottom of your patterns so you are no longer treating the SYMPTOM and instead, learn how to treat the root cause.


Stop fighting alone 


Join me and find your safe space in my beautiful members-only community.

Just $88/month – cancel anytime

Answering all your


A: YES. This is the exact membership I wish existed when I was just getting started. It would have saved me so much time and money by having everything in one place.

A: There is value for everyone in this membership who wants to train their brain. If you want to tap into more inner peace, more confidence and more calmness, this is your space.

A: Yep! Jump in any time, this Academy doors will always be open.

A: You will get 24/7 access to the facebook community & full email support if you have any further questions.

A: The methods and frameworks I use are applicable to anyone with a mind, and the Academy is inclusive to everyone.

A: You just need a device to watch the trainings and a notepad & pen.